Have you ever needed a good blue carbon-related image but couldn’t find one? Fear no more, list of free distribution non-commercial blue carbon related images is now available!The UN Environment/GEF Blue Forests Project is developing a database of relevant images that might be used for your reports, publications, presentations and tweets.As a preview of the final database we have put together a list of photo libraries and websites allowing free distribution of non-commercial blue carbon-related images.The following photo albums contain many stunning images of mangroves, seagrasses, marine life and coastal communities. However, there is a lack of good images of saltmarshes available. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on our list, including suggestions for more sites and what is useful for you!Many of the images can be found on Flickr and are provided under the Creative Commons license, which offers the option of sharing, with crediting the author and distributing for all non-commercial purposes. On Flickr, you will see symbols just below the images, which stand for certain usage rights under Creative Commons. A full explanation of Creative Commons can be found on Flickr and tips on how to find free photos and graphics can be found on Journalist’s Resource.Please always check the pictures’ licensing before using. When searching on Flickr we recommend the following steps: 1) enter your search topic at the top of the screen, 2) at the ‘Any license’ bar, scroll down to ‘All creative Commons’, and 3) in the ‘Advanced’ menu, click on ‘L’ under ‘Minimum size.For crediting images from Flickr, we suggest the following format for citation: Name of the author CC 2.0 Flickr.Blue Forests Project – A Flickr site of all of the Blue Forests Project’s blue carbon-related activities including field work, meetings, conferences and site visits.Global Environment Facility (GEF) – Photo documentation of UNFCCC events at COP18, COP19 and COP20.GRID-Arendal – Blue carbon-related images with many photographs of mangroves from around the world.UN Environment (UNEP) – Quality photos from Climate Change Conferences as well as images of climate change adaptation and mangrove restoration efforts.