gcloud functions deploy ocr-extract --runtime python37 --trigger-bucket 2020xxxx-cloudfunctions-ocr-image --entry-point process_image. More information on the gcloud command can be found here . The --runtime flag is not required on subsequent deployments of the function.

Deploying function (may take a while - up to 2 minutes)...failed. For details, see the gcloud Command Reference . The location of the source code to deploy. Node.js The examples in this guide use Mocha as a test framework to run tests and Sinon as a mocking framework to mock external dependencies.. An external dependency is a dependency that your function relies on that isn't a part of your function's code. gcloud functions deploy java-pubsub-function --entry-point functions.HelloPubSub --runtime java11 --memory 512MB --trigger-topic YOUR_TOPIC_NAME where YOUR_TOPIC_NAME is the name of the Pub/Sub topic to which the function will be subscribed. 出力されたエラー.

% gcloud functions deploy testtest \ --region ap-northeast1 \ --entry-point hello \ --trigger-http ERROR: (gcloud.functions.deploy) ResponseError: status=[400], code = [Bad Request], message = [The request has errors Problems: region asia-northeast1 is not supported. Unless you specify the --entry-point flag, your code must contain a function with the same name. The --entry-point flag points to the export in the index.js that is the entry point for the function.

ERROR: (gcloud.functions.deploy) OperationError: code=3, message=Function failed on loading user code. The location can be a reference to a source repository, a path in Google Cloud Storage, or a local filesystem path. gcloud functions deploy NAME--entry-point NAME--runtime RUNTIME TRIGGER [FLAGS...] Note: When you deploy a function for the first time, you must include the --runtime flag. Common examples of external dependencies are other Google Cloud services and libraries installed using package managers such as … # マジか. gcloud functions deploy java-helloworld --entry-point functions.HelloWorld --runtime java11 --memory 512MB --trigger-http Test the function When the function finishes deploying, take note of the httpsTrigger 's url property or find it using the following command:

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