by Alicia Medina Villanueva & Juliane VatterWhen talking about mangroves, the funny looking trees with entangled roots living in the coasts of tropical and subtropical regions, there is so much you can say! First of all, there are around 80 described species of these incredibly versatile and tough plants. Some of them can handle tidal soakings and grow in the open sea, in sheltered bays, and on fringe islands. Other species of trees are adapted to drier, saltier soil and can be found farther from the shoreline, whereas some other mangroves thrive along riverbanks far inland, as long as the freshwater current is met by ocean tides. One of the features that make mangroves unique is that they can live in water up to 100 times saltier than most other plants can tolerate. They do this by filtering out the salt of the seawater that surrounds them in their routes and storing water in their leaves.