Lead Partner Organisation: Conservation International (CI) – Ecuador
Blue Forest ecosystem focus: Mangrove
Total area covered: 41,000 ha (for both improved understanding and improved ecosystem management)
The intervention aims to improve the understanding of ES and carbon storage and sequestration for mangrove ecosystems in Ecuador, and to develop improved ecosystem management founded on that understanding. GEF funds will support and enhance the existing mangrove concessions and the establishment of new ones that incorporate the value of mangrove ecosystem services.

GEF funds will allow the concessions to be developed into internationally scalable experiences comparable with the other sub-project sites of the Blue Forests project. GEF funds will also support the incorporation of mangrove carbon storage and sequestration and other ecosystem services in national policy, fostering support for the Blue Forests concept on the international scale.


Project staff

Montserrat Albán

Ecuador Coordinator



Ecuadorian mangroves (CI-Ecuador)

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